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K.C. Dell 

Blogger, Mom, Wife

Are you wishing the rollercoaster of depression would stop and you could float on the Lazy River for a while?  Or maybe you are on the Lazy River, yet never fully relaxed fearing the rollercoaster could start back up at any time.  When someone you love lives with depression unpredictability creates one heck of a ride.


Contrary to what it feels like, you are not alone!  The ride is difficult for sure! Yet, it offers opportunities to grow in courage, strength, self-awareness, and grace for the brave riders. Of course, at my age a neck brace is also helpful when on any rollercoaster!  


This blog shares stories, insights, mistakes, and hope.  I am discovering ways to let the rollercoaster take off while I remain on the platform. I have come to rely on humor, self-compassion, and allowing myself to be vulnerable when I would rather hide under the covers. 


I am writing this blog as a parent of a child who lives with depression.  Over the past several years I have witnessed the affect this has had on me, as well as my family.  Over time I realized that we are far from alone in this journey. Many families are affected by depression. Too often we suffer in silence and celebrate the joys in whispers.

Out of the Mud Rises a Lotus Blossom

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