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Ready or Not the Journey Begins

Depression is not a topic I ever imagined I would be writing about. Never could have dreamed it for myself or the ones I love. My part of the story started with what felt like an awful punch to the gut, moving quickly to my heart.  My daughter came to my husband and me one evening about several years ago telling us she was depressed and in need of help. As a parent, I realized she was in great pain. A pain I couldn’t take away or fully understand.


My limitations were made clear quite quickly.  I felt life slamming on the brakes and making a very sharp turn that I clearly did not see coming.  Should I have? (I’ve learned not to beat up on myself.)

This journey has had many ups and downs.  I found myself in places and situations that were gut-wrenching and heartbreaking, as well as joyous and hope-filled.  Some days presented the illusion of normalcy like a spring day…cloudless sky, 75 degrees, slight breeze.  Other days brought back the reality of depression...cold, cloudy, and windy, with no relief in sight.  But, there is a thread of the Divine that runs through each day, each moment. Amazingly, the tears and laughter, anger and joy, along with extreme grace create a blossom as beautiful and full as the Lotus flower.

I will only write this from my personal perspective, but the whole family is affected when one of its members lives with depression. I have changed the names of family members and others that I mention in my blogs. Not out of shame, but because I am telling my story, not theirs.  The people mentioned are a part of my life.  Some briefly crossed my path and made a lasting impact. Others unknowingly stumbled into it and hung around!

Out of the Mud Rises a Lotus Blossom

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